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most of the candidates have vested interests and are rich. Some of them have criminal records. So I wish to vote for a person who has some values and reasonably clean image, irrespective of the party they represent. Presently all parties have people who are criminals and corrupt. So if we elect people with reasonably clean image in these elections We can hope the parties more such people in the next elections
when contesting candidates are reasonably ok we can vote for a party with good policies and hope that good candidates belonging to other parties alsoi to support programs of the ruling party meant to improve the lot of common people
That is real democracy
Today there are unstated reservations based on caste religion gender and region in all parties in selecting candidates and therich and resorceful get the tickets
A sizable proportion of them are corrupt /goondas


Written by kavanasarma

May 5, 2013 at 6:15 am

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