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4 th part of Ancient Indian History

Dating of AncientIndian History
Part 4. Main Stream History
Main stream history is what we study in scools and colleges., with Govt. approved syllabi
It is based on 2 edicts of Asoka and 2 theories. It takes Vikramarka and Salivahana S’akas as one. It does not take the existence of river Sarswathi into account . It takes the conjecture of William Jones as an absolute truth beyond any doubt.
Asoka’s First eddict
The edict was inscribed 256 years after the death( nirvana) ofBuddha . There is no contravarsy about what this edict conveys
Asoka’s 13 th Edict
It gives the names of Kings who were contemporaries of Asoka . There is a lot of contraversy about who those kings were
Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT)
The Indus Valley Civilization was dated at 1500 BCE based on Harappa and Mehanjadaro excavations. This time was taken as the time of Aryan Invasion. So the date of Composition of early Vedic literature was determined as 2000 BCE and Date of Maha Bharatha as 900 BCE. Now we know that the river Saraswathi started drying up from 2500 BCE and dried up around 2000 BCE . Vyasa who played a part in Maha Bharatha Ithihasa mentioned that he could hear from where he was sitting, the sound of the river Saraswathi flowing . So his time should be earlier to it . The Vedas which he classified were earlier to his time . The main stream historuians did not modify their theories in the light of new geological data and the data of newly excavated archeological sites of Sarswathi basin
Aryan Migration Theory ( AMT)
The main stream historians quote AMT as a support of the AIT, even though the proponent of this theory himself accepted his mistake . We now know the Aryan Dravidian Conflict ( ADC) is a greater myth than any of the mythologies .
William Jone’s Conjecture
Chronicles of Alexander’s time mentioned a name Sandra kottas . This SamskRtham scholar came across the name of Chandra Guptha in Mudra Rakshasam . So he made a guess that he should be the Sandra Kottas.
Then it took the fertile imagination of the rest to distort every name found in edict 13 of Asoka to the names known as contemporaries of Alexander. So Asoka was dated at 273 to 236 BCE and Buddha s time was dated as 580 to 500 BCE
There was no mention of Alexander or Seleucus in the literatutre of Maurtyas. (Kautilya did not mention anything about this in his Artha S’athra nor did the greek chronicles made any mention of the Mauryas.) This was questioned even by the other Western scholars of William Jones time. Our Main stream Historians ignore this History. Indian scholars were perhaps afraid of questioning the British scholars .They had also no training in modern methods of history writing . The Ithihasas had 6 Lakshanas as per Kautilya .Though they contained history, the main purpose of those Ithihasasw was to propagate Dharma .
Ignoring Vikramarka S’akam
Kalidasa and Varaha mMihira were 2 of the 9 gems of Vikrama Arka’s court. If the beginning of Kali Yugam is established without doubt there are enough literary references to date them. Kali dasa’s Jyothirvidabharanam was written in Kali 3068 . Accoirding Nepala Vamsa Vali Vikrama Arka’s S’aka started in Kali 3044 . There are a few other references from which to date his S’aka
The Main Stream Historians teach that Vikrama Arka ( sun) is the same as Chandra ( Moon) Guptha ii of Guptha Dynasty
The Mehrauli Iron pillar has on it the name of the king who built it as Chandra. He was taken as Chandra Guptha II Chandra Guptha II was taken as Vikrama Arka and Vikramarka’s time as 380 to 415 CE. From this they dated Kalidasa’s and Varaha mihira’s time as the same . No dating of the pillar has been done by the modern techniques. There are many uinstances of cyclic arguments
If this period is true Kali should have started around 2668 BCE and Maha Bharatha war around 2700 BCE . This contradicts their own dating of 900 BCE as Maha Bharatha Time
Main Stream Historians had no knowledge of their own of Indian Literature .They depended on Western Indologists views for every thing

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