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Jones , Everest and Asiatic society

William Jones the founder of Asiatic society was a great scholar and knew many languages including samskrtham. He was a god example for the famous saying ప్రమాదో ధీమతాం అపి(even great people make mistakes) . He made a big mistake. He assumed on flimsy grounds that Mourya Chandra Gupta and Alexander were contemporaries . This later became a bench mark for deciding on dates in Indian History . Even after independence we continue to study the history based on these wrong dates in our schools and colleges.Our English educated history professors do not know any samskrtham or bother to know what is written in our books. They think this is all progressive thinking We also do no study the contributions of our ancient scientists or logicians/linguists. We know only Chomsky . We do not bother to know how Panini’s grammar has influenced him
There is an interesting episode of one Miss Everest who was the daughter of General Everest Of The Geological Survey Of India
This was an off shoot of Asiatic Society.When she was in India she was exposed Indian KNOWLEDGE. When she went back to England she did two things. She wrote an article on Indian Knowledge and how the west ignored it. Prof. VVS Sarma who is an expert on AI Systems got a summary of that paper from an English friend. WE are now trying to get access to the original article.
The second thing she did was to marry Mr. Boolian of Boolian algebra fame . The question is" Did he have access to some material through his wife?"

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