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Devayani’s issue and my confusion

When I read about Smt Devayani’s plight and watch TV , I react in 3 different ways
!. I know for certain that US always behaves in a High handed way and is insensitive to the pains and dignities of the people of other nations US is always more equal perhaps due to the craze people of other nations have acraze to go there. So my first reaction is sympathy for Devayani garu and hurt national pride
2 The Indian embassys’ people in other countries are busy partying, rubbing shoulders with settled and rich Indians in the countries where they are located and attending to their needs and comforts. Very rarely other normal Indians get any support .Example Smitha Chakra varthys case in US What has Our enmbassy done?
So I can not identify with Devayani’s personal problems
3. She and her father appear to have a clout with our HM . All the 3 do not seem to be above board in Adarsh scam I have no pity for corrupt people I am disinclined to give benefit of doubt in this scam issue.It does not mean I am supporting US behaviour. They should be dealt with firmness

Iam a middle classman and confused about this issue
When I nwas travelling abroad and had some problems it is always the the Indians and Indian airlines that came to my help , though not the privileged ones

Written by kavanasarma

January 9, 2014 at 3:20 am

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