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sahasra chadra darsaalu

It is known that every 19 solar years cycle has 7 extra lunar months ( adhikamaasaau)
So by the time somebody is 76 years old 76×12+7X4=) 940 pournamis must have passed. One is siad to have seen 1000 full moons if one has completed 81 years (940 +5X12 +2 = ) 1002 pournamis
There could be one or two less depeding on which paksha one is born. This would correspond to 82.2 years at 360 days per year Our Jathakaas are based on 360 days year
360 is neither 29.5X12 nor 365.24 days!

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December 2, 2013 at 1:36 pm

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