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Science, ,Applied Science , Technology and Engineering

Charcha group of Bengaluru meets once in a month and tries to understand ,or to get clarity on some literary or Science and Engineering issues.At the end of the April meeting , Prof GK Anatha Suresh ( Prof. Of Mechanical Engineering And connected with a few publishing activities of IISc.) has been requested to talk about about Great Engineers , at next month meeting Then members who were present expressed the following view
"We hear many talk about great scientists and not engineers . Those who talk , usually talk as if these two are interchangeable. . So we should distinguish between the two "

This is one of the topics of great passion for many Engineers. They wish to establish a seperate Identity . I hvebeeen thinking about it for several years.
I have been trying to define
1. Science 2. Applied Science 3. Technology $ Engineering
!. Science :Many famous scientists have tried to explain what is science rather than define it.
The goal of science is the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake . Principle of falsification is the guiding prnciple in it investigations.
2. Applied science:It attempts to gain knowledge with a view to use it in fields like medicine . electronics etc.The method of gaining knowledge is the same as the method of gaining knowledge in science. Because it is pursued with a view to apply, the method of accepting gained knowledge is perhaps not as rigorous as in Scince. I think that principle of falsification is not worried about.
3. Thechnology. ;Canals were dug and buildings were built before the laws are known and the stresses in a structure and strengths of materials could be evaluated. Rules of thumb are used in design Experience in Engineering and medicine gave the rules. The goal of Technology is to create products that solve the problems and improve human life
4. Engineers create the design world . Engineering depends heavilyon available scintific knowledge
Technology is happy to impose a restriction like the diamter of a column should not be less than say one eigth of the height of the column to avoid buckling. In engineering design we use the knowedge on stress distribution due to eccentric loading We use stress and strength concepts. Technology is happy to provide a self cleansing velocity of 1m/s in sewers. In engineering design we relate the self cleansing velocity to particle size and its density.
The physical ( hydraulic) modelling of sediment carrying rivers is still at the rudimentary technogy level ant it is usually said that it is more an Engineering Art than Engineering Scince
( Linking of rivers depend on this art . The regime theory which prctising engineers use is mostly rules of thumb which failed repeatedly the test of falsification )

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