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Plight of moderates

For all issues there are for and against arguments. Some people see merits in some of the arguments of both groups and come out with a view which agrees partly with both sets of arguments.For example, Engineers and Economistsargue For "Deveopment" projects. Environmentalists yusually oppose them Some moderates like me are for a reasonable number of ANICUTs , large number of small tanks and loacl canal networks. We are against large numberof large dams Big reservoirs and linking of River


A tree in the backyard of a house , afew trees in aa park and a large number of trees in a forest are each different
Take the example of a small numberof atoms,moderate number of atoms and large numberof atoms in a given space. The firstone can be in agaseous form, the secondone in liquid phase and thelast one a solid state
With MORE emerge new features which can help & pose problems.
While moderates think they see positive points in both sets of arguments each of the for and against groups think the moderates see some positive points in other groups arguments because they lack full information and start supplying information of their side with a view to enlighten and win over
Mr Azmi who is moderate muslim said once that " My views are not news
worthy! "
When I presented my views on ancient Indian History both traditional historians andmain stream historians were helpfully suppied information
. Even people who say they have an open mind and who had no time to know my arguments have supplied information. Very rarely there is any new information. A look at the material shows that they actually have a view and are unwilling to recognise it
Similarly my views on water resources Development are are of much concern either for Prodevelopment group are antgidevelopment environmentalists
WE like it or not development is a need and consequential environmental damage is rotten fruit
So aim maximise benefits minimise damage. Therefore . OPTIMIZE

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July 7, 2013 at 2:53 am

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  1. Good bad or optimal? – Is always the question. As optimization people myself and URP certainly differ with you on the part of optimal.. Optimality is always with respect to a criterion. Optimum means minimum or maximam – minimum cost, maximum utility, minimum environmental damage, least troubled to displaced persons are all different criteria and there is no solution which can satisfy all. It is a multi-person game. I agree with you that small is beautiful and mega is always dangerous, it changes the dinesions and creates chaos.

    V V S Sarma

    July 7, 2013 at 6:11 am

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