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life after retirement

Nowadays both wife and husband work to earn money

Man generally spends his time in office sports/games and other activities like banking , paying bills ,going to various offices /garrages to attend to construction and repair works
women after office hours they spend on cooking, looking after the children and gardening andalike
Once retired women can easily occupy their time looking after grand children , cooking. poojas, shopping , TV serialsand gardening ,and alike
Once retired there is a big vacuum in man’s life. He finds that he has 8 to 10 hours
unoccupied. His family does not encourage him to participating in activities in which there is noincome.Clubs either cultural or sports are despised by family members as they eat into the pension. Instead wasting time he is expected to participate in house hold work to which hitherto he had no exposure. If he is not a devotee he faces greater hell So such men look for employment after retirement
Reading books people say is a good activity .Can one read for hours together?

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July 24, 2014 at 1:56 am

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