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Indology part1

I wish to divide indology in t 3 parts\
! European studies
2. Indian efforts to spread Indian literature in other native lndian languages Though they are great Scholars ,their short comings in spreading knowledge in the present day situation
3.The present day English educated Indian intellectuals who have no proper roots in any Indian language and their dependence on works of Scholars like Wendy Doniger , totally, for their views


Indology is the academic study of history,culture,languages and literatures of Indian subcontinent.Indian subcontinent consists ofpresent India, Pakistan Bangladesh,Srilanka ,Maldives,Nepal,and Eastern parts of Afghanistan.When the Christian Church took up the mission of spreading Christianity, it asked its
members to learn the languages of the people of other religions and spread the message.
In the next stage when its members faced stiff resistance from older cultures it asked its missionaries to study the literature of the other religions , find the loop holes and demolish their faiths.
In the third stage , when European colonies got established in Indian subcontinent it became necessary for the rulers to understand the cultures of their subjects to perpetuate their interests .Then the job was taken up by European scholars like William Jones and Max Muller.
The translations are considered scholarly. But they had their limitations. The translators some times did not fully understand the meaning. They did not have exact words in their languages to express. For instance the word Soul does not convey the same meaning as Athma. To some little extent there could be mischief. like saying SrimadBhaagavatham had its roots in Christian Gospels.Some times their imagination was far stretched, like in the case of Maurya Chandra Guptha
being made a contemporary of Alexander

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