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Indology Part 3 The last part

There are many English educated Indian Intellectuals who have no roots in any Indian language. The doorway for their knowledge on any thing Indian is English… Among this group there are two categories 1. Who read all types of views of scholars on Indology. They read foreign authors like Wendy Doniger and Rajiv Malhothra and make their own assesment. There is no problem with this category.
2. Who read only foreign authors because they have been conditioned to think that those are impartial and dispassionate and their tools and data are trust worthy. They never learnt to doubt the acceptability of the opinions of scholars like William Jones .They do not read the English translations of works like Arya Bhatiyam, KRusi Paraasara and Bodhaayana Sulaba suthras They are many of such works available.in English .They easily accept any criticism on these works. .
If one says Vikrama Adithya and Vikrama Arka ( Both Aadithya and Arka mean Sun) are the same and the Vikramarka Sakam started in BCE 58 , they refuse see the logic but are willing to accept the hypothesis Guptha Chandra Guptha was the same as Vikrama Arka. They do not see any inconsistency in accepting Arka and Chandra as one and the same person .. So the date of Varahamihira who was one of the nine gems of Vikrama Arka Aasthanam is fixed around CE 555 and not around BCE 58
It is people of this second category , that had a sway on education in free India. .Any attempt by any person to show evidences from Indian writings in Indian languages contradicting or adding to what is being taught is being branded as fanatic nationalists..
Indian logic and Indian astronomy which were more advanced and ancient never get any mention in our curriculum .
Computer Languages and Quantum physics made Western and some Indian Scientists to take greater interest in old Indian literature. These scientists are the new Indologists!
I will post at a later date , my experiences in writing Raama Kandam in Thelugu and talking about it in a couple forums in Visakhapatnam and Bengaluru .

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