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Computing Arya Bhtta’s time

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Kandula V N Sarma

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AryaBhatta gave the number of planetary revolutions as follows , in a period of 4320000 years .The numbers in the brackets show the numbers according to Modern Surya Siddhantha
Sun 4320000 ( Same) Ravi
moon 57753336 (Same) Chandra
Mars 2296824 (2296832 ) Kuja
Jupiter 364220 ( Same) Guru ,BRhaspati
Saturn 14564 ( !4568) Sani
Mercury 17937000 ( Same ) Budha
Venus 7022388 ( 7022374) Sukra
Moon’s Apogee/Perigee 488219 ( 488203) Chandra’s farthest point /Nearest point
Nodes 232226 ( 232238 RAhu and KEtu
Number of Civil days 1577917800 ( 1577917 828)
Note tht Apogee and Perigee are always 180 degrees apart
Similarly both Nodes are 180 degrees apart always So we take only Apogee and Rahu
Let us Say in the year ‘T ‘ all the planets are in an alignment with a distant star along with RAhu & ,Apogee, then again in the year T + 4320000 they will all be in alignment .
At the end of first PAda ( quarter ), the year is T+1080000 ,all planets are in alignment but Apogee is 90 degrees behind and RAhu is 180 degrees ahead .
At T+ 2160000 , all planets and Rahu are in alignment but apogee is 90 degrees ahead .
At T+ 3240000 all planets are in alignment butApogee is 90 degrees ahead and and RAhu is 180 degrees behind .

Aryabhatta’s birth time is given in a sloka by him. . He mentioned how much time elapsed from the time T+3240000 ( the beginning of the 4 th PAda ) to thepoint when he was born.
People have assumed that the span of 4320000 years as MahA yuga and the beginning of the 4th PAda as the beginning of Kaliyuga .
Aryabhatta did no use the words MahAyuga and Kaliyuga .
Let us say T+3240000 corresponds to BCE ‘X ‘
We know the planetary positions at that year and now. We can solve for X .
As I am not good at Computer progranmming , I request people who are competent to solve for X and settle the issue .I have some doubts about the last yuga pAda of Aryabhatta being the same as the beginning of Kaliyuga . Kaliyuga is said to have started in BCE 3io2 .
VarAha .Mihira according to me belongs to a period around BCE 58 and Aryabhatta was earlier to him. Aristarchus who belonged to 3rd cetury BCE said earth goes round the sun and it spins about its axis .Arya Bhatta also said the same things but added that as trees on the banks appear to go back to a person travelling in aboat ,the motion of Sun and the planets appear to people on earth
Neither the Greeks nor the Indians had any problem with the Sun Centric Model .It is only The church in Europe at a later date had problems .
It is said that both Aristarchus’s and Arya Bhatta’s
peers wondered ‘If earth were to spin will not the human beings thrown off the earth due to Centrifugal Force ?’


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