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On 3 Laws of Conservation

On 3 laws of conservation
1 Law of conservation of Momentum:
Descartes found aroud 1640 that usage of a quantity which is the product of Mass and Velocity helps very much in the study of Mechanics .The name ‘Cartesean coordinate system’ is given in his honour.
Later Newton through his laws ( 1687 ) gave the law of coservation of momentum
Langrange ( 1788) and Hamilton (1833) expressed the same law in different systems of coordinates
2.Law of conservation of Mass :
Lomonosov found (1756) that mass was coserved in his experiments with closed systems.
Independently Levoisier ( 1785) found that in a chemical reaction , mass is coserved in a closed system
3.Law of conservation of Energy.
Carnot (1832) found that all the heat a body has can not be put to useful work . Some heat is lost in the process
Classius (1855) proposed a law that Heat is conserved
Boltzman (1866,1896 ) thought originlly that he could prove 2nd law of Thermodynmics ( Carmnot) but concluded later that it was not possible to prove through his Statistical Mechanics .
It may be noted first law of thermodynamics was not known to Carnot and Boltzman
It is Noether (1918) who could rigorously prove the first law of Thermodynmics that " Energy can neither be created nor destroyed " We now know energy has many forms ; Potential, Kinetic, Heat,Nucler and chemical
The combined law of conservation of Mass (2) and Energy (3) was the result of Einstein’s special theory of Relativity ,derived from his famous equation E=MC^2 or ( Delta E) =( Delta )MC^2
"The mass and energy as a whole are conserved and not seperately’

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