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Our trip to Jaipur

WE ( me & Vijaya ) left Bengaluru on 29th Dec by Air costa flight. Nowadays all the flights are on time. Around 1970-80 period they used be late I remember RKL’s Cartoon "The flight is slightly delayed You will be served lunch in the lounge and dinner in the restaurant"
To and fro the air tickets costed us rs27000
We took a prepaid ( rs 450)taxi to RTDC’s hotel Teej. Teej is a festival of welcoming fresh showers of SW monsoon by women in the desert land of Rajasthan They enjoy the festival with swings and songs. Most probably it corresponds to our Atla Thadiya (Akshaya Tr’thiya ) We had our lunch around 2.30 p.m The lunch included very tasty roti, subji, dal rice achar and curd. It costed us rs 190 per head.Took some rest and went aroun the streets in a cycle rickshaw We had ilachi adrak chai on the road side . We returned to the hotel as it was getting dark , We had a glass of beer in the open lawns of the hotel and later lussi for dinner.
we got up as usual at 5 am The road side chai wala opened his shop at 5 am. We had adrak chai along with road- sweepers and rag -pickers. Chai on the road side is always Rs 5.. We had excellent break fast with puri and bhaji Then we went to Nehar gadh by auto against the advice of our hotel manager,. He said travel by 3 wheeler is risky
The travel was very smooth because ghat road was well laid.The view was great But some of the steps were as high as 50 cms! WE wondered how the delicate queens managed those steps
Our daughter Padma has joined us with rest of her inlaws ( 8 Ghoshals totally ) We went to Rajasthani Village in the night .We have seen such a village in Hyderabad a few years back .It had some songs and dances by artists Children had elephant and camel rides and giant wheels of the yesre years operated by hand. We were served food on an elevated stool while we squatted on the floor. Ticket per person costed rs 800 .Food and experience were good.While I was eating a Rajasthani turban was put on heads of mine and my Son in law Subhasis .Somebody took a picture
Next day we shifted from Teej to another Hotel Megh Nivas. Teej was rs !800 per night. Megh Nivas was 4600 per night and with taxes it came to rs 5500
We went and saw Hawa Mahal AS the senior most Ghoshal Sri Amitaba said" it is a 2 dimensional building". The whole design concept in Rajasthan is that Ladies can watch what is happening without beinf exposed to outsiders’ gaze WE saw Amer fort. It was very tiring for me and vijaya who had already seen one Gadh We saw light and sound show of the same
Rajasthan offers special discounts for senior Citizens in govt. hotels and buses except during certain periods like Christmas to new year . We do not have to show proof It is enough if we damit that we are old!
Rajasthan isa very hospitable and polite state We had lunch on 30th at a lassi wala shop It costed rs 100 per head
If you want tasty food it is always cheap. If you want style it costs a lot. As Ghashals paid for the food at Megh Nivas I really do not know how costly the food is!
The hotel taxi took rs 600 to drop us at the air port. Vijaya bought aring and some sari at the airport at rates lower than in Jaipur shops!
On 31 st evning we were back at Bengaluru I was tired and did not watch TV on New Year Eve.

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