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Raama’s Year of Birth one calculation

As per Vaalmiki , Raama was born on Chaitra S’uddha navamiThe star was Punarvasu . It is the 7th star from As’wini 3 paadams are in the last 3 of the Mithuna ras’i The 4 th paadam is in Karkata raas’i At the time of His birth Guru was at the horizon
5 grahams were either were in Swa Raasi’s or in raas’is of their uchchams
Raama belonged ti Ina ( Ravi) dynasty If Chandra was in either in Mithunam or Karkatam Ravi could only be in Meenam or Mesham Budha is always close to Ravi So he could not be either in his own or raasi’ of his uchcham So Budha was not one of the five mentioned by Vaalmiki Similarly S’ani who is not considered auspicious could not be one oif the five !
We are left with only Ravi Chandra S’ukra, Guru and Kuja , the other 2 being Chaya grahams.
Meenam ws neither Ravi’s Swa or Uchcha Raas’i Mesham is his uchcha raas’i Raama belonged to Suurya Dynasty The maximum of the maximum altitude occurs for Ravi at the end of Third paadam os As’wini and at 12 Noon ( Local Time of Ayodhya ) So Rama was born when Ravi was at the end of 3rd paadam of Aswini ( Mesha) and at mid noon at his uchchathamam

Chandra was in 4th paadam of Punarvasu and was in his Swa Raas’i of Karkata
If on a Navami day if Chandra was in Punarvasu and Ravi was in As’wini
Amaavaasya must have occurred when both of them were in Revathi ( Miinam)

For Guru to be at the horizon at mid noon he must be lagging Ravi by 6 stars.So guru was in Karkata Raas’i Guru is exalted in Pushyami of Karkata
So Guru we know was in exalted position in Pushyami (Karkata raas’i)

S’ukra moves very close to Ravi Like Budha . Vr’shabha raas’i is his swa raas’i and is next to Mesha. So we can fix Su’kra at the time of Raama’s birth was in his Swa raasi Vr’shabham

We are now left with Kuja . Kuja can only be in his Swa raas’s Mesham and Vr’s’chikam or in his Ras’i of his exaltion Makaram

I was curious to understan how the Panchaanga Karthas decided on the festival day of Sri Raama Navami

I had Panchaangams of 60 years(A B’ruhaspathi yugam) from 1940 to 2000
It is being fixed on Navami day of Chaithra Maasam every year

I found That on the Sri Raama Navmi day,
Of 1956 ( April 19 th) many things have coincided; Ravi was in Mesham, Chandra was in Karkatam, Guru was in Karkatam, S’ukra was in V’rushabham, Kuja was in Makaram.But Chandra was in As’lesha!
Of 1954 Ravi was in Mesham Chandra was in Karkatam Sukra Was In V’rshabham Guru was In Miinam ( SWA) Kuja was in Mesham ( Swa ).
But Guru was at the horizon before sun rise!

So I used Arya Bhata’s values for cyclic periods of these five Grahams and found that every 748 years these 5 Graham s to return to their relative positions.
Perhaps year CE1600 was the year when the horoscope was much closer to the actual , Then Raamas year of birth closest to Krisna’s year of birth and earlier to it could be perhaps 1600- 7×748= -3616 or BCE 3616. plus or minus 350 years ( Approxly)

(Many agree thatYear of Birth of Krishna was around )

Some people claim the year of Raama’s birth was BCE 5114 . It could be BCE 5862, 5114, 4366, or 3618.But the date was not around April 14th . But Date according to them was January 10 th.!

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