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linking of rivers

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I have specialised in the area of rivers and sediment transportI have expressed my views on " Linking of rivers" at 6 places
!. Ecocentric water resurces management —-a paper presented at Arbamnich water technolgy institute Ethiopia at an internatinal conference in 2003
3. AGAIN iN ANDHRA jYOTHI daily on may 3rd 2005
2. I have written an article n Bhagiratha Yathnalu in telugu Rachana Mnthly Dec 2005
4.In my translation Sir Arthur cotton’s Life and works. THE BOOK WAS RELEASED BY
5. In a meeting with Sri PV Narasimha Rao Hon. Ex Prime minister, at Visakhapatnam
6 In a course at JNTU
I do no think any experts like Prof RJ Garde feel that such an idea is executionable
My opinion is that meddling with rivers is possible only to a limited extent like Megha Madhanam
I know my view does not find favour with planners and some technocrats!
The proof comes later after we all die
That is the advantage for advocators of Linking of Rivers


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January 6, 2015 at 2:00 pm

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  1. నదీ అనుసంధానం మీద మీ అభిప్రాయాలు 6 చోట్ల చెప్పారన్నారు, చాలా సంతోషం.
    క్లుప్తంగా ఆ అభిప్రాయాలను మీ బ్లాగ్ లో ఉంచితే నా బోంట్లకు కొంచం అర్థం అవుతుంది
    ప్రధాని బ్లాగ్ కి కూలంకుషంగా పంపండి, ఏమౌతుందో చూద్దాం.

    Mohan Venkatram

    January 7, 2015 at 4:19 am

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