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centurion university

Recently I have been invited to give guest lectures at Centurion University Paralakhemundi ( Parala kimidi as Telugu people call it).It is on the north side of the river Mahendra Thanaya .This river is the dividing line For AP and Orissa. This University is a private university. Normally private universities like to to follow in the foot steps of a reference university. Rarely you come across a desire on the p[art of the faculty ,and management to tread a new path. I am happy to say Sri D N Rao the vice chairman of this university is thinking at present differently.He, holds in addition to a BE degree in Cuvil Engrg , a Master’s from IIM (Calcutta) He has worked in tribal areas.He has gone and still going beyond his comfort zone.
He thinks it is necessary to have a different approach to teaching when you are dealing with first generation students who are getting educated. They are usually slow learners. So he thinks it is necessary that these people should be helped in their education for the country to develop. So he wants his faculty to be patient and and innovative.
I hope he does not leave the chosen path due to Vighna aayaasam . I wish him well. May his tribe increase!
May his faculty follow him
I am happy to see an instituttion which has an agenda that is different from corporate money spinning SCHOOLS
Einstein Said " I will not allow (such = corporate) schooling to interfere with my education !

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September 4, 2012 at 2:22 pm

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