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me as a writer

I was writing humorous stories in the beginning. Then I graduated to writing satires My first story which was not in lighter vein was Mari Marani manushulu . I wrote it in the year 1965 for astory competition in Bangalore. It incidentally won first prige. It was later published like my earlier stories in Andhra Sachitra Vara Patrika . My story Eduritha got a prize in Deepavali kathala poti in1971, conducted by ASVP.
By the I was writing purely Humourous stories Satires and and stories in serious tone.
Satires were also serious stories but not written in a serioustone. I made my name as a writer with my Brain drain Vaddinchemanavalla kathalu, Nipunula kathalu and Conference Thirunallu I lked these stories very much. Thesesrtories were very popular among university educated Telugu groups. But common readers did not havea feel for the content . So they only enjoyed the humour part
Around 80s my humor has not dried out but stories were churned out more in serious tone. Around 90 I was labelled a feminist with which my wife has serious reservations
Recently Sri Manasu Rayudu said in our Charcha group meeting on humour in Telugu Cinemas
" Sarma Garu ! The present younger generation may not know you as a humour writer. You are now known wrongly as a feminist"
Yes I ws the writer who wrote Brain Drain. No other language has produced , so far,satires/stories on that topic,to thebest of my knowlrdge
I wrote in the introduction to those stories
The brains that could not drain always thought theones that drained were of no consequence. The brains that drained said the brians that got clogged in the drains are jealous of those that could
I am one of the brains that did not drain into greener pasture
Is my brain so big that it could not pass through narrow duct?
Is My brain is really small but collected lot of diust and rust that it size got big and it got clogged at the trash rack
You see my speciality is in Hydraulics And Waste-Water Tr4eatment
Thanks to Sri Vidya Sagar gfrom Gudivada who asked me for a copy of my book BRAI DRAIN publishe by Vahini Book Trust, I remembered all this
To my dismay I found that I have no copy!
Thanks are also to Rayudu for walking me down my memory lane

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