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Minority Groups

WHAT CONSTITUTES A MINORITY IN INDIA? Jains and Parsis are not Minorities . Christians and Muslims are .From inductive ( based on facts)logic ( a method of SCIENCE) we can define Indian minority as as a non-Hindu group with considerable number of votes. So, after all , it is about sizable numbers.It is not about backwardness.If it is about backwardness, then my earlier post holds good! Backward group is a majority in India because it has members in all religions and all castes. This group can not be called a minority.But still we should help it.
When I was about 10 this joke was popular . It seems, Sri CD Deshmukh, once speaking in parliament said some thing about intelligent Maharastrians . Gujarathi parliamentarians laughed at it , it seems. CDD then seems to have said " As there are brave Gujarathis like Gandhi and Vallabhai , there are intelligent Maharastrians like Ambedkar and me" Similarly we have poor people among forward castes and rich people among backward castes. We have to have the honesty to admit.
In the historical past there were some undeserving Brahmins who were enjoying privileges.They wanted to perpetuate the situation . In the present there are some undeserving SCs ( so called creamy layers) who are enjoying the privileges.. who want to perpetuate their privileges even at the cost of their deserving caste members Again by inductive logic we can conclude that people once used to some advantage would try hard to perpetuate the situation These neo- Brahmins are no better than the past Brahmins.. It is time we should unite to stop such vulgarity.Politicians do come in our way. Let us bulldoze them

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January 24, 2016 at 1:25 am

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