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kathanialayam 17th anniversary Dr. Rajaniaknth gives a special talk on Thelugu katha and science of criticism

Dr Rajanikanth perhaps is not known beyond Indian Institute of Science , VTU, PESIST IIT-B, & MS Ramaiah Inst. Of Technology He keeps a low profile. He is less known to Telugu literary groups He is very knowledgeable. , an excellent and precise speaker
He can talk about Einstein’s theory and Godel’s incompleteness with equal ease. He can talk about Marxism , English Literary Criticism , Viswanadha Satyanarayan Raavi sastry kalipatnam Chaso Sripada , SriSRi.and on several topics with authority. But he does not, unless he is asked to or somebody seeks his views
He is content. He is detached. He is soft spoken but can defend his views or accept other’s view point. It is in short a delight to discuss with him. The other person I think of Is Dr Bala gopal. I only read and heard Dr. Bala gopal. Where as I spent several years with Prof Rajanikanth He is easily reachable
That is why Sri kalipatynam , one of Dr. Rajanuikanth’s admirer’s invited him to Katha Nilayam to address the writers
The invitation is attached

Kathanilayam – 17th Anniversary Invitation.pdf

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February 5, 2014 at 5:08 am

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  1. గోప్యంబు దాచు, బోషించు గుణము, …,
    మిత్రుడీ లక్షణంబుల మెలగుచుండు… భర్తృహరి
    Professor Kavana Sarma Garu is a very good friend!


    February 5, 2014 at 9:00 am

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