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My illness Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 2My diabetes Type 2 was discovered accidentally when I had to undergo a surgery in 1998
The causes of Type 2 diabetes are less well understood ,though it is quite common in older people.Usually it is associated with junk foods and sedantry habits leading to obesity There are about 4 symptoms .I had only one – dry mouth. I am lean and not obese or over weight .

I was advised to control it with diet .By 2000 .I was getting irritated with indiscipline of students in attending my classes in a college at Hyderabad. I resigned But I quikly cosulted My cousin , Dr.SV Prasad ,Professor of Medicine in Kakinada Medical college I was put on a small dose of Glynase a sulpfo nyluria drug The maximum that was allowed I was told is about 20 mg in a day .It kept my blood sugars under good control and I was not getting esily irritated .

In about 16 years the dosge has increased to 15 mg . I was back at the hand of IISc doctors by then .They put on 1500 mg of glucomet a metformin drug .I conducted a controlled experiment and demonstrated that 500 mg is all that I needed .I dose was reduced I take now 10 mg of Glynase and 500 mg of Glucomet.
I have a slight angina problem due to long term diabetes I will discuss that in a later post .
What helps me ?
A regular exercise .I do it every day unless I am sick.
Alternate medicine system , advises use of garlic , turmeric, ginger karivepaaku ( curry leaves ,vepaaku ( neen leaves ) ,kaakarakaaya juice, menthulu (fenigreek) and fibrous vegetables . There is beautiful article By Prof T Rama Sarma , a famous professor of BioChemistry ( IISc) .H says there is no harm and there are indications that they help . I was using them quite liberally until very recently .Now I have n acid stomach I m cautious .I will discuss acidstomach ina later post
What are to be avoided ?
Smoking .I do smoke some times. It giives me a better feeling when I have a congested chest .I deal with it in a lalter context
Drinking. Alcohol adds only calories and no nutrients . So as far as diabetes is concerned ,it is enough if the patient is careful and does not indulge in excess. It will be discussed again when I discuss angina
When one has many disorders due to old age what helps in disorder one harms in another disorder
The optimazation techniques help

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