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my views on vaasthu

Vaasthu has two parts . the first part is the engineering part. What it contains is valid from the pint f view of present day Civil Engineering
It does not say anything abut things that were not in use in thse days like
correct place for a refrigerater, orientation of flats in a multi- storey buildings etc
It clearly says we should city planning This is what we can include in ur civil engineering syllabus as a part of its history.I assure you it does not have any safron colour
The second part deals with beliefs. All religions have their beliefs and are reflected in the development of the sciences and engineering f those parts
A superstition is one which attributes our good and bad lucks to non human influences.
It also specify a possible human intervention
Weak minds harm themselves by doing things as per the advices of professional mystics
Normal people derive only mental strength for doing the right thing and get the benefit
So according to me a superstition is not what others practice but our own practices which harm/hurt us!

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February 10, 2015 at 1:56 am

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