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Dating of Ancient Indian history

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Part 2 A. Traditional dating
Rama earlier than 1,41,00000 BCE KRshNa 3200 to 3101 BCE Vyasa’s cvomposition of First draft of Maha bharatham ( Jaya kavyam) 3101 to 3103 BCE
YudhisTara 3200 to 3075 BCE Maha Bharatha War 3137/38 BCE Starting of kali Yuga 17/18- 02 -3102
Parikshiththu 3137 to 3043 Janamejaya’s Inscription at VRkodara Kshetram 3012 BCE
The Rule Of Barhadrathas 3137- 2131 B C E Arya Bhattu tear of Birth 2760 BCE Pradyothanas ( Nandi Vardhana was one of them) 2130-1992 BCE S’iS’u Nagas 1992-1630 BCE
Gauthama Buddha !887 to 1801 BCE Rule of Nandas ( Maha padma nanda was one of them) 1630 to 1530 BCE
Mauryas(Gupthas – Asoka was one of them)1580 to 1220 Sungas 1219-to919 BCE Kanvajas 900 to 800 BCE
S’atha karnis ( Gauthami Puthra Is one of them) 800 to 80 BCE Starting of S’aka of S’atha karnis 612 BCE
Maha Gupthas ( Vikramarka was one of them ?) 800 BCE to 19 CE Starting of Vikramarka S’aka 58 BCE
Kalidasa and Varaha Mihira belonged tpo Vikramarka’s period
Startuing of salivahana S’aka 78 CE


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