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Avantages of some strikes

I have not been driving a 2 wheeler for the past 15 yearsToday i have done it
I had to, because Gautham ( My GS) has taken the car to the west coast to collect sea water samples He tells me when he empties these bottles in his lab , IISc sends him out with a Ph.D. He is very considerate and left his 2 wheeler for my use.
I had to go to the bank and withdraw some money so that my wife could spend it comfortably
Luckily the bus transport workers and auto drivers are off the roads. They are on strike I think they are concerned about safety of people like me They wanted to give us a break , I think. Or perhaps are practicing for a more rash driving in the future. So I picked up courage for today and drove. I did not forget balancing and cursing pot holes.All the old habits are back including the back ache

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September 2, 2015 at 6:16 am

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