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Our complaints ( Intolerance) about Home, Office and country, Aamir Khan

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I always complain about my home, my friends, my office and my country.I know they are Good I know that .Others and other places are perhaps worse. I complain because the things and people I like , I believe, can be better and there is enough scope for improvement
Nobody need to ask me to keep my home , office friends and country. Because I am not going to leave them
I have a right to complain like many have a right to complain and are , in fact , complaining about me .
I am with you Sri Aamir Khan ! You have a right to expect more, like any one else of this country. Because it can definitely rise above the present level..
I heard ,but I am not sure ,that you have in you the blood of one of our great freedom fighters. Is it Abdul Kalam Azad?
Yes , you and me are intolerant of the inefficiency and illogical minds that are persistent in our country. Of course every action has equal and opposite reaction. Those who thrive with those qualities, are intolerant of us as well !


Written by kavanasarma

November 26, 2015 at 3:16 am

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  1. Well said Sir!


    November 26, 2015 at 1:51 pm

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