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My attitude towards my jobs

I was with IISc for 29 years I became a professor in 1989 after putting in service of 24 years as a faculty member Very late. I was perhaps not a great researcherBut I was conscientious teacher , consultant and above average researche
I endured the pain of being the neglected one until ,I became eligible for pension , became a professor and discharged my duties towards the education of my two daughters and the marriage of the elder one
I took volantary retirement on 31st Dec 1991
Then onwards I enjoyed the luxory of leaving any job that required my submitting to the unprincipled wishes of the bosses
I now know that I adjusted to the circumstances as long as I had duties which I considered of utmost importance to me , though I was fighting against bad things, I could not go the extreme of leaving the job
Leaving ajob on principles is a great luxory which people with commitments , can not have.
I had that luxory for20 years!

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December 20, 2014 at 4:29 am

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