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Scientists and Engineers

SCIENTISTS and ENGINEERS Yesterday on 13 th May ( 2nd saturday) 2017 ,the charcha group met to understand the basic differences between Scientists and Engineers and some social issues connected with them. Following is what I i understood
Prof G.K.Anantha suresh lead the discxussion with his presentation
.He proposed a 3 parameter hypothesis.
1. Observation .2. Thought 3. Practice are his parameters
Th scientist observes then thinks about what the observations convey and then tests ( puts into practice)
An engineer starts with a thought ( a requirement) Then designs and constructs . After construction he observes its performance.
Thestarting point is different .
A scientist or engineer may not do more than one or may do all the three .When they do all the three they are called researches according to him.
He then went on to say that one can call an engineer a great engineer based on three criteria .
1. The construction should last a long period 2. The method construction is useful in many other situations. 3. A concept that is remembered for a long time
He listed the names of 14 Engineers whom he considers as great Engineers.
The second pre senntation is by Prof NJ Rao . (To be contd.)

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