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Reservations and sampling theory

Sampling theory insists that the random sample collected should represent the populationA sample is said to represent population when the probabilities of the chosen study item are the same in both.
Take the percentage of girls in an engineering college We expect the percentage to be 50% .But it is less . Because the girl students opt less for mathematical courses
Take the nursing courses. The percentage of girls is higher here. Because men are less inclined to join this course
So it becomes evident that choice is also a parameter
Third parameter is the background The students from rural, economically backward and caste and gender challenged groups have less opportunity.
So reservations are a must for those categories
Some trades require less skills and some more
Where skill is important can we insist on reservations ?. Some say yes some say no
Should the selection f Indian Cricket Team be based on a reservation policy?
Do the advocates of the reservation policy get their houses built or body repaired by unskilled engineers or doctors Should the services of less skilled people be reserved less fortunate and less powerful
Should the number of heros of movie industry reflect the probabilities of population?
What we need is equal opportunity and financial support for the deserving
If this policy is followed, , the probabilities in any field will reflect population probabilities in non-too-long time,provided there is no choice bias in the population itself
People enjoying an advantage always (past ,present or future) do not easily
forego it.

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