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Teachers days on 4th and 7th Sept at Visakha and Srikakulam Kalipatnam my teacher and my studewntsmy speeches Felicitation to my Friiend Prof Rajanikanth

This year the teachers day coincided with Krishna Astami

Because 5th happened to be a holiday the teacher’s day at Viswanadha Institute of Technologyand Management was celebrated on 5th. Prof Kuindurthi rajanikanth was felicitated by VITAM. I accompaned him to VITAM Krishna is Jagath Guru Sarvepalli was a great Acharya I am an adhaapaka /upaadhyaaya I explained these terms at that functionj
Dr. Rajanikanth spoke about the need for the needed joint effort of both teachers and students in the learning process He emphasised that if the students do not learn any amount of teaching is meaningless and hence a teacher should know some thing about learning processes
Having gone all the way I also addressed about 60 final year students of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at Vitam on 4th and 300 science degree girl students at Govt Degree College for women Srikakulam on 7th sept.
I chose to talk on terminology , Language and Methodolgy of Science I ended my speech with Sri Nayudamma’s definition suprerstition
They were interacting sessions
I had to tell them that science does not try to replace God. Scientists realise that science does not explain everything we experience and beliefs and faiths are a necessary part of our existence Science is against any practice of belief or faith which results in Ham or hurt to people.
My pecial thanks to Dr Tatavartghy Radha Krishna and HODs of Civil and Mech Engg.s of VITAM
My lecture at Srikakulam was organised by Sri kalipatnam Prasad a great Mathematics teacher and son of of my teacher and Thelugu Kathaa Guru Sri kalpatnam Rama Rao The Principal of that college is THe Sister of My friend Smt katyayini Vidmahe I thank them and their team and my abhimaanulu at that college. It is not easy to talk to 300 young restless minds for 2 hours !
They did the impossible. THEY HEARD ME with reasonably good attention through out .I thank them
The occassion gave me an opportunity to pay my respects to my teachers SRi KARA in person
I thank all my students ( L Udaya Simha , A Krishna Sarma Ramesh Viswanadha and alike ) who paid their respects to the institution of Teachers)

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September 8, 2015 at 12:23 am

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  1. Congratulations. You have proved the tarka sastra axiom – world is not described by propositions – true or false as per Aristotle – it is the diversity of relationships that bind the world.

    V V S Sarma

    September 8, 2015 at 1:55 am

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