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The tragedy of history of knowledge of Indian origin is that People who have vishaya gnanam ( domain knowledge) have no Bhasha gnanam ( knowledge of ‘ Indian ‘ languages) and vice verse . Some do not have both and these do not have also a sense of shame ( siggu sharamu leni vaallu) says my colleague Sri Gudi Chandra Sekhhr a colleague of mine at Arbaminch university So what sort of History do we study in our schools and colleges
Some know that our people could construct rigfht angled triangle using 3 rope lengths like 3,4,and 5
But they do not know samskrtham . People who know Samskrtham do not know a thing about a right angled triangle.
Yet there are some who do not know both but write history saying Apasthamba suthras(Sulaba Suthras) are as result of Pythagoras Theorem
They are the people who are with no siggu and sharamu
Western historians agree that flow of knowledge in the earlier days ( upto about 1600 AD)was from east to west !
Does acquiring a secular stamp require disowning your heritage?


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April 26, 2012 at 3:07 am

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