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number of days in a year as understood at the time of mahaa bhaaratha war

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On seeing Arjuna at the battle field at the time of Uttara Gograhana Duryodhana expressed Surprise and hoped to send Pandavas on one more year of Agnatha vaasam because he came out into the open and had been identified. However He expressed a doubt " As there is no general agreement on the length of a year it is natural we get a doubt whether or not 13 years are completed or not. Only Bhiishma can answer this question"
At the time of Mahaa Bhaaratha there were 3 great astronomers : Sri Krshna Vyaasa Bhiishma The first 2 had the knowledge of Grahanaas in advance. Bhiishma knew about Uttarayana punya kaalam.
So Bhiishma answered " THe stars do not move uniformly. So every 5 years we have to add 2 adhika maasaas In 13 years there will be 5 adhika maasas .. So they have completed the required period"
Let us take a year to cosist of 12 lunarmonths of 29.5 days span each Pandavas spent t 161 lunar months and 12 days as per Bhiishma. In days it is equal to4761
If we take a year to consist of 365.25 days , 13 years have 4748 days Because Bhiishma says " it requires 2 adhikamasaas in every 5 lunar years to adjust it to solar calender ( actually it was said that 5 years was Paithaamaha Yugam in which Moon and Sun Would align withthe same star )" we can safely conclude that he and the other 2 knew the length of a yearwas 365.25 days. It appears Pandavas, knowing the suspicious nature of Duryodhana had spent 12 days extra to be on the safe side


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