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The international air ports The international airports at which I spent more than though which I went out I was a transit passenger Year
1. Madras ,Sydney, Melbourne Singapore, Kaulalampur Perth 1972
2 Bombay, London Port of Spain 1979
3 Port of Spain,Barbados Antigua
St Lucia , Miami Boston Newyork 1980
Bombay 4.New Delhi, Baghdad 1986
5. Baghdad ,Bombay 1987
6. Madras, Hongkong Singapore 1991
7. Chennai ,Montreal London 2000
Montreal( Canada) to Nashua (USA) and back by roaad
8 Mumbai , Addis Ababa 2002
9.Addis Ababa Mumbai 2003
10 Mumbai Addis Ababa 2006
11. Addis , Bangalore Dubai (Twice) 2007
!2 Mumbai , Addis 2010
13. Addis Bengaluru Dubai (Twice) 2011
14. Addis Bengaluru Dubai 2012
15 Bengaluru Stockholm Frankfurt 9(Twice)

Twice means going angd returning


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