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In praise of writers of humour

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There are not many writers of humour in any language because it requires an attitude and an abilityof the brain which is different fom analysis and mere expression.It is about semanticsRajanikanth kundurthi says " A story ,in a scientific jargon, is model built with sounds /words with meaning"
It describes events and,behaviours. If it describes only events They are ( Kaala Kshepa) time killing storiesThese stories may make us laugh. Let us call them kaala kshepa kathaas.
If any story describes the behaviour of indviduals, societies or systems, according to Sri Kaaraa ( the greatest Thelugu short story writer living) it is a good story. If the story explains the socilal , political and economical reasons rather than individual mind sets, according to him, they are great stories.
One may choose humour as a style like Gurajada did to tell the story. Or , One may narrate the story in a serious tone.
I have often heard some critics and compilers of good sories( What they think as good) say "we need not take that writer seriously . That one writes only humour"
Or some times they say "Mullapudi Poththuri Vijayalakshmi, Somaraju suseela Sri Ramana who normally write humour have written a few serious stories"
That is something that makes laugh more than the humour in the stories of the above.
They have used humour as a style (for Kathanam). The content is mostly is serious. Even if they have written a few kaala kshepa kathalu , . they are pleasant and they keep the minds of the readers in good health. Individuals with healthy minds make a healthy society.
Yes as my teacher and mentor Sri Kaara says humour is my obsession


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September 11, 2014 at 1:43 am

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  1. Sir,
    Yes sir, Humor is indeed very important. It serves a very important function both from the perspective of sociology and from the perspective of psychology. We need to have a good “framework” for evaluating stories with humor as the focus.


    September 11, 2014 at 4:27 am

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