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Linking of Rivers in my opinion

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My opinion on Linking of Rivers
This idea of linking of Rivers was first suggested by Sir Arthur Cotton for improving Navigation and Irrigation in India around1860. Now after150 years we are still holding on to the idea and have not made any progress
IMy opinion is as follows
1 It is not desirable.
2 Ir is not practicable because river courses if modified locally will modify themselves over greater lengths upstream and down stream and it is nor possible to guess what is likely to happen. No physical modeling of such great lengths is possible in any Hydraulic laboratory . In the case of sediment carrying rivers , there are about 9 distortions that take place in modeling according to HA Einstein and hence becomes possible to interpret model results only for short reaches.
3.It is very very expensive to build such a system even if one can properly design. People with limited theoretical knowledge but with great experience with small modifications, like Sir Arthur Cotton feel confident that their experience can be extrapolated to very large projects .
4.Even if we agree that it is possible to build, it can not be maintained even for a short period like 10 years with even extra ordinary budget provisions.
5. The fact that the upper Bari(Badi) doab canals have been maintained with great trouble and at great cost is not admitted publicly. What happened to Buckingham canal ? What happened to Coum cleansing system ? What is happening to the canal from Yeleru reservoir to Visakhapatnam? What about Telugu Ganga?
Why is that Rama pada Sagar project shelved.? We do not hear the real truth. They are not feasible at ordinary costs and ordinary maintenance effort
Prof Kandula V N sarma Retd Professor Of Water Respurces and Environmental Engineering with specialization in River Engineering
Indian Institute of Science


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June 25, 2016 at 1:17 pm

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  1. Sir,
    In future, when energy costs would become much cheaper and then it is very much possible.
    As you rightly pointed out – sea water intrusions, affect of different geological load points at dam locations on the strata / plates, aberrations on the precipitations / evaporation rates, aberrations in bio diversity, would effect future generations.

    Yes Sir, The more we want to control the nature, the more we are leveled by it.

    శ్రీకాంత్ గడ్డిపాటి

    August 16, 2016 at 7:36 am

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