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As an Individual and as a group member

One of my pet themes is " A person as an individual and a person as a member of a group. " A person is born in a Religious( Faith) group, Race group, and Language group The person belongs to one or more Geographic groups by the virtue of where he/she is born and where he/she lives . .and belongs to a Work group. Groups are formed by common factors and have some some common interests to safe guard which may be in conflict with the interests of other similar groups.
So a person attempts to conform to the norms of the groups to which belongs.
It is not easy .
It is not easy unless ,the world of the person is narrow ;unless the person is like a frog in the well. The person soon finds that even the interests of the several groups he belongsto are not free from conflicts. So the person tries to understand the nature of conflicts by observing,reading, listening and experimenting . Gradually the individuality of the person develops This individual has his/her own set of covictions , set of values and method of survival in groups of conflicting interests.Such a person very rarely leaves the group to which he/she belongs. He/she superficially conform to the main stream ‘rituals’ of the groups to which He/She belongs. The person can shock – absorb some inconsistencies. That is life

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