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Rayudu and rajanikanth

Lot of people ask me ” We hear the two names Rayudu and Rajani kanth whenever Kara talks to us Who are they?” Rayudu holds a Bacheklor degree in Electrical communications from IISc. Only 30 people were admitted in those days to this course from all over India. So only those who secured !st and 2 ranks in their B.Sc. Degree from any university were considered eligible for admissin
After passing B.E. he joined for masters degree in Biomedical Engineering at IISc
Rayudu worked for some time in Gulf started a few Industries including Soft ware with friends Then HE went into Real Estate BUsiness. Now He and one Nagesh run the chirra Electronic s which produces electronic items
he started manasu Foundation alonh with uis brother Gopichand a famous surgeon of Hyderabad and assisted by his cousin chandramouli os TV9 and Vivina murthy. now people call him Manasu Rayudu
He was a good dramatist as a student and participated in activities like study circles as a student and an active member of our Charcha group
rajanikanth has his BE in Electrical Engineering from Ananthapur. He was a class mate of Dr Venkata Ramireddy OF JNTU. Dr Reddy has a very high opinion of Rajanikanth
He did his Masters fro IISc. Then he obtained his Ph.D in COmputer science and engineering. He is one of the first few to get such a
degree All his professors have no degrees in CSE.He is a close to Rayudu and other members of Charcha.He is at equql ease with Marxism and Godell’s theorem of incompleteness. He is thorough with physics and literary criticism. Hear read widely Thelugu and English literatures. He is usually the concuding person of our charcha group. He speaks excellrently in English and Thelugu. His analysis is superb
. He resigned his faculty position at IISC. He later became the Principal and DirectorOF MSRIT Bemgaluru Man of exceptional analytical ability and contentment. If he were ambitious he would have brought name to India. The other intellectual of his level,,is Dr K.Balagopal, in my opinion

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April 18, 2013 at 4:20 am

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  1. You ended with the mention of Dr K Bala Gopal, my childhood friend , my senior in school, and always a role model for everyone of us. MAY HIS SOUL rip

    C V R Mohan

    April 18, 2013 at 4:47 am

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