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get married. He brought with him kalaakhand in big container after his marriage . In our days oil Tins were modified later, with a lid and a latch , and used for carrying a lot of food items in them. (. I occassinally see Marvadis carrying food even now in trains)
Every day I used to go to his room and help myself with large quantities of that sweet which his mother packed for all of us. . He used to Say " Take it Yaaar as much as you want " .My mother’s contributions was jars full of pickles. Mothers packed things for all the hungry children of the hostels who never had anything to eat between two sumptuous meals ( copy right Wode House) Before going to bed we used to boil milk in ‘Barthans’ on electric coil stoves ( though this was forbidden strictly by rules) and drink it leisurely as Japanes would at their tea cermony.
Yes Tea drinking also was a great ritual at IIT KGP . After the A/N classes, we used go to the mess , straight and shout " Gopal! Garam chai ni asho " at intervals of every 10 mins. Winter nights were kept warm by playing shuttle under flood lights. When we had nothing else to do , we studied like good students.


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October 15, 2017 at 1:52 pm

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