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Introduction to my talk on raamayanam

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Some People read Raamaayanam with faith in both Raama and VaalmikiSome others read it to find points to prove Raamaayanam is a myth( False but believed to be true)
There are historians in both groups. The historians in the first group are called traditional historians
The second set of historians are called mainstream historians
There is a small group among these who think they become secular if they do not believe in what traditional Hindus believe even if there is some thing true
But now many unprejudised historians agree that every " so called " Mythology contains at least a fragment of history
I for one read Ithihaasaas ,and Vaasthu s’aasthram to see what parts of them were not against the priciples of science
Ithihaasaas are not mere histories. They are more than that according to Chanakya
For kaavya ramyatha the narrators have used athis’ayokthiis and adbhuthaas
While Plutarc who wrote about Alexander lived 200 years after Alexander,
Vyaasa and Vaalmiki were contemporaries of the heros of their ithihaasaas
So I have greater faith in Ithihaasaas than in Plutarc’s story and William jones conjecture on which our Indian history taught in schools and universities is based
There are several versions of Raamaayanaas Even there are a few versions of Vaalmiki Raamaayanams I used Geetha press version and the version on which Sripada Subrahmanyam’s telugu translation was based
I believe Uttara kandam was narrated by Bharadvaaja , a student oif Vaalmiki and also a contemporary of Raama
Traditional historians place Raama around 14 million years Before Common Era

Secular Historians /main Historians do not think he existed
I place him in this warm age and around 3600 Before Common Era
Please note Using BC( Before Christ) is not secular
Christ is as much a Mythical character as Raama !


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