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An Andhra Brahmin and his vegetarian companions at his table in International conferences dependind on what is on menu Fish,Beef Pork and milk

Myself and my wife were invited by the Vice Chancellor of Moonash University Melbourne Australia for dinner on the lastday of the 4 th Australasian conference on Fluid mechanics I thanked the VCbut regretted.My experience had been there is nothing to eat for a vegetarian except a salad. The host assured me that there were some Jewish vegetarians and we will be sharing the table with them I discovered that jews consider fish as vegetarian and we had bread tomato and radish to eat Ofcourse wine to drink This was in Dec 1971Next 1987 June the dean of Salahaddin University Iraq Invited me and another Bengali professor for year ending dinner. There was beef So both of us starved

December 1991: I attended an international conference oln ENvironmental Hydraulis at Hongkong. I was told that I was the only registered vegetarian delegate. They have arranged a separate table for me., Very strangely I hand Hindu company when beef was on the menu and Muslim company across the globe when pork was served
2003 May , The dean of Arbaminch Water Technology Invited us on the last day of the conference on Water Resource Management. Many Indians were omnivores. I was the only vegetarian The favourite dish for Ethiopians was Raw cow meat. The students have to be given this dish 3 nights in a week at least . They eat it with miththa miththa ( chilli powder with salt and oil goddukaram in thelugu) As an andhra I relished the goddukaram and started eating it with bread.The dean suggested that I should eat it with raw beef,. I told him that I am a vegetarian. He was surprised because Ethiopians do not eat any animal product like butter ,milk on Wednesdays and FridaysThe food is called fasting food.
2011 again Ethiopia I had Britishers at my table who are vegetarians . So I ordered Fasting food for all of us. I told the that I am a vegetarian by birth and they by choice.It was difficult for the t o know the difference.
In Australia and Uk you can discard the meat pieces and eat the rest if you are a vegetarian They do not understand not contaminated by meat concept.
So that much for food habits

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