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indians in foreign countries part2

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around 1960 many Indians went to forign countries for studies and settled there in jobs. Also many Indians left after their studies in India for jobs.Indians were given jobs slightly lower in status or salary on comparative basis.
!By 1980 . Petrol producing countries were prosperous and Indian migrant labour started going to those countries
Indians who were going to Developed countries were quite educated.. So the Indians were not taking insults lying low. Mean while the second generation Indians in England were facing racial prejudice and have become somewhat militant
” Do Indian women wear underwares under their sarees?” ” we do not get such doubts . we can see what your women are wearing”
“Why Lakshmi did you marry this stupid man?” Come on your wife is not the only stupid one to marry a stupid man”
Indians learnt to answer back
Indians main activity is to discover new ways of saving money and sending it to Indian when Rupee was low against the local currency
Indians were still maintaining a much lower standard of living on a comparative basis
The real jelousies spramg up in the third phase


Written by kavanasarma

December 3, 2012 at 1:24 am

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