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Indians in foreign countries part 3

By 1990 the software boom created jobs with good salaries. Y2K increased jobs many fold. Indians with a 7000 years heritage in mathematics took to computers like fish to water. Several Indians got jobs in several countries,Their salaries were high compared to average salaries of the locals. These Indians belonged to High end of middle income group or low end of high income . group.Though theie natural trait is tosavemoney and send it to India , they had enough to spend where they are.Their prosperity is now visible to the locals. The local poor have become jealous. The locally unemployed people have felt that their jobs have been usurped by Indians
Indians by habit are not law respecting., So when they are caught for violating the law the law enforcement has started coming down with a heavy hand
In some countries Indian Driving license is respected. There are many Indians who go there go with DLs without really knowing how to drive ! Because it is easier to get a DL in India
Indians do not register with their embassies and our embassies do no bother to know about Indian nationalsin those countries.Usually they are very unhelpful even in routine matters like renewing expired passports.

Written by kavanasarma

December 4, 2012 at 10:41 pm

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