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Scientists and Engineers

Scientists and Engineers 3rd part Talks by Prof Rayudu and Prof .Rajanikanth
Prof Rayudu spoke briefly .He said the present day trend is that First preference of many students is Engineering,the second is Accountancy and the Science is only the third choice .
Rajanikanth mentioned about the feature of design in engineering.
!. In problems of analysis used in Sciences all students get one answer In design used in Engineering ,the students get differen answers based on different criteria for the set problem . So an engineer has to show why his solution is better than the solutions of other engineers. He must have great negotiating skills. The reason engineering exams are becoming like Science exams is because the evaluation of designs is more difficult than evaluating analysis and teachers are settling for problems of analysis.
In the short diuscussion that followed ,a question is raised about the category of engineers who do only supervising work . Engineers do many tasks like taeching ,Research, Education Mangement , Professional Management and Design. Most of the engineers are involved with only Management. This Category is called Engineer Mangers.
The question of employaability of Engineering graduates has also comeup for discussion.Prof Rajanikanth answered it in his own style.
In earlier days the fresh graduates are trained in the particular skills required by the jobs they joined by the employers. Now after the bloom of IT industry gradually the employers started saying the fresh graduates are not employable .forgetting that they themselves were trained in situ after joining the jobs. The employers started expecting the fresh graduates to get trained elsewhere before joining them
The participnts also commented that the dept of CSIR is also responsible for the confusion Because all the engineers are classified in their labs as Scientist A,B,C,D,E,and F .So you see in the media headlines like "The scientistsof ISRO have successfully launche a rocket" Actually there are engineers .
Thus engineers were madea suset of Scientists where as the Engineering is not a subset of Science

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