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Storm Phailin

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The behaviour of storm Phailin has interested me a lot as a researcher of freesurface flows and a student of hydrology.

Freesurface flows include canals ,rivers ,estuaries( nadii sangamams), and seas/oceans

The worst scenario yesterday (12th october 2013) cound be the joint occurence of

High tide  , Surge ( a Wind generated wave of water  moving inland from the sea )  and Peak floods in rivers l Suvarnamukhi , Vamsadhara and Nagavali reaching their estuaries . The high water level in the sea would  not allow river flood  to drain into the sea .The levels  in the rivers which were  already high would have become higher due to river storage caused by the high tide  and the high tide water would have been  opposed by high levels in the rivers.

The least damage scenario  would be the surge occurs when the sea is at low tide and peak flood reaches estuary after the surge  flattens in the estuary

Luckily this was what happened yesterday and saved utter  misery for people in the coastal area . They stii face great misery from  which the government and people of this country can help them recover


Written by kavanasarma

October 13, 2013 at 4:11 am

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