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Uttara Khand

Iam against meddling with nature on a large scale. So i am against large dams and big projects. Once my guru Prof. K Koteswara Rao ( former Principal of NIT Warangal) had asked me" You are a water resources specialist. But you are against development. How Come?"
I told him politely that " I am now a professor of Water resources and Environmental engineering.My specialisation is in transport processes: momentum ,sediment and,pollutants both decaying and coservant ."
In May 2003 at Arba Minch Water Technology Institute Where I was a Professor Of PG programs in Hydraulics and Irrigation, I presented a paper on
Ecocentric Water Respources Development at an intrernational conference conducted by that institute ( you may please refer ecwd.wordpress.com)
Two of my colleagues from India said uncharitably" Your paper is mediacentric"

Like them ,many of my Indian friends who hold a Technocentric World view were critical of my article భాగిరథ యత్నాలు published in Rachana

Nature is tyo be tamed trained and used for growth of human beings. For all problems of human beings , we can find. Ill effects if any, can be controlled through technological solutions. Ill effects if any can be tackled with further technology and punitive legislation
Ex: The problem of pollution can be tackled by treatment ( actually I have designed several large and small sewage treatment plants) and fining polluters
People who subscribe to this technocentric paradigm see little difference between growth and development
Definition of Development:
Development is the improvement of life of people. It is not just development of material resources like watert
Quality of life depends onthe assured availability in reasonable quantities and quality, of air ,water, food, safety entertainment and enlighten ment in that order to ALL people in the area

Ecocentri Paradigm:
Nature is to be observed understood. Human beings have to train themselves tnot to go against the nature of The Nature in pursuing development projects. Medd;ling with nature in a large way leads to new equilibriums after a while. These new equilibriums are usually disastorous for human beings
So all development projects should be conceived as whole systems in a holistic way
Activists sometimes do not have the necessary technical background
and technical specialists mistake growth for development
Moderate voices go unheard

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