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baby in the womb can remember

Yesterday I was watching a programme on " baby in the womb " in National GeographicIt was shown that baby in the womb starts recognising its mother’s voice and remember it after it is 26 to 28 weeks old
It responds to music after it is 32 weeks old and recognize the tunes after birth. It reacts to in a happy way to rhymes and lullabies
The stories about Narada singing in praise of Vishnu to Prahlada in the womb of Leelaavathi and Krishna’s soothing voice being heard by Abhimanya in the womb of Subhadra are now vindicated
The babies in the wombs can also react happily to the swara of vedas if they are made to hear when they are still in the wombs. We can accept now what we rejected earlier as unbelievable stories told by our ancestors because now they come to us now from believable western sources.
We never test our stories ourselves because we wll be considered unprogressive.
We do not read our original Ithihasas and try ti reinterpret with our science training because it is considered a waste of time
We leave our Ithihasas and to be interpreted to Harvard university . We leave our Puranic sites to be explored by Oxford archeologists.We left our Vedas to be interpreted by Max Muller and other scholars. We let William Jones construct our History for us
Will there be aday when Indians study their own heritage with respect ,curiosity and with the aid of modern scientific tools?

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January 23, 2013 at 11:28 pm

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