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Palamaner Balaji

At Palamaner .Sri Balaji is posted as Mandal development officer.He helps people living in his mandalam. He has ahabit of helping people even if they are not from his mandalam. For instance I am from Bengaluru which is not even in his state. Recently I took his help to sell my car which is 15 years old.
Because of recent knee joint pains , I am not driving much . Si I have decided to sell the car. I did not want to sell it to a Richard Gere (Pretty Woman) who buys breaks it into pieces and sells the parts. I ham afraid of selling it to a terrorist.. Balaji came to my rescue. He helped me to sell my car to a decent party.
He is known to the Thelugu literary world as Palamaner Balaji
He is environmentally conscious .He reads recent writings of other writers. He was incidentally a close friend of my close friend late sri vallampati Venkata Subbiah.
He brought out the complete works ( fiction ) of Sri Vallampati on the occasion of the latter’s death anniversary
The books look grat. I have reread them to see if there are any printers’ mistakes
Iwish good sales

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March 17, 2012 at 6:48 am

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