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My Rajamundry days and myplay mate and cousin Sistla Venkata Prasad

Today I Remebered my days in Rajamundry for two reasons
First, today ( Ratha Sapthami) is the wedding anniversary of my parents. My mother Bhaskaramma was born to Prof. Mukkavilli Suryanarayana of Rajamundry in 1915. in the month of November. My father Prok Kandula nagabhushanam had to go to Swedon to work for his Ph.D under the great statistician Prof Cramear So he decided that that we all should stay with my mother’s parents. So when i thought of my mother I thought of Rajamundry

Secondly my daughter Satya Sarada asked me to accompany her to Tata Nagar Park
She likes to watch birds. she told me that Tata nagar is on their migratory path.
Our park has a pond.So birds come there to rest, though not to nest
Now the weather in Bengaluru is pleasantly cold.I enjoy sitting in the sun It is also pleasantly warm and I enjoy sitting in the shade . This weather some how reminds me of Rajamundry and my thammudu( brother) Prasad. He is my pinni’s (aunt) son

My grandfather’s house faced north, I remember. I am quite certain about my bearings and my wife thinks that I am mostly not right because I was not a civil Engineer yet.

We had Peradulu ( home garden spaces) on the Eastern and Western sides There were maamidi( koththapalli kobbari, pedda rasaalu , chinna rasaalu) jaama usiri, aththi trees Dora ( Just ripe) Jaamakaayalu are very tasty. I was old enough to climb the trees and good at it.. Prasad who is 5 years younger used to collect them .
There are flower creepers and plants. One we used to call maadhavi puvvu theega. They are white flowers which used to hang from the creeper. I am certain my wife who is a botanist thinks that I am technically incorrect about the names and colours. The other flowers we had, we called them Bathani puvvulu and Rama baanaalu

In the cool shade of our grand father’s garden self and Prasad used to build mini parks with branches and flowers and get occassionally scolded by our grand mother
Another activity of self and my brother Prasad ( they used to live in Kakinaada and would come several times during those 2 year period ) was to look for Sanjeevi pulla in Cheviti ( Deaf) Kaaki( Crow) gudu (nest) . Sanjeevi pulla travels upstream against a current in flowing water . We were the lucky ones to know this secret

My grand father’s house had rain water drains of rectangular cross section made of galnanised iron sheets. These ducts discharged into cement thumulu ( channels ) at ground level These channels are good testing grounds for our experiments with sanjeevi pulla exploration experiments. occassionally a mice , a green snake wood come following the current and myself and brother quickly disbanden the experiment and rush inside leaving the quest for Sanjeevi pulla for another safe day

I think that good foundation in hydraulics has helped me become a professor of hydraulics and Prasad has, in the process learnt medicine and has become a Professor. Now he depends on antibiotics and not so much on sanjeevi pulla

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