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Charchaz 2013 Modeling in telugu literary criticism

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Charcha group of Bangalore has taken up the discussion on The method of scientific modeling and its application in telugu literatureon 09-08-2013 All interested persons are welcome
Moderator. Prof T. Rama sarma
Speaker 1 Prof Nalam J. rao On general modeling
Speaker 2 Prof Kundurthi Rajanikanth On application of thismethod to Telugu l literary criticism
Venue Dept Of CESE ( former CEDT) IISC
Time 5.45 to 7.15 Pm

These meeting are cvonducte on second fridays of a month
Charcha ! Oldage problems and Technical solutions
Moderator Prof. CVR Mohan ( Ramaiah Medical College)
Design of OLdage homes Sri Manasu Rayudu
Design of equipment to monitor and support Prof Anantha Suresh ( MEch. Engg Dept IISC)

Charcha2 Vyapaara navala
Leader Prok Kundurthi rajanikanth
What sort of navala can be called a vyaapara navala What are its features? Can a vyapaara navla be also a good naval

In both the meetings about 15 to 20 people participated
The summary is available in the blogs of Sri vivinamurthy and kavana sarma

yours kavana sarma


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