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no win situation for most love proposals

The girls are afraid of love proposals.They have read and seen that boys do not take a no for an answer.when a boy gets a no , he continues his efforts to win her, which after the elastic limit is crossed is felt as harassment by her. If tells ther parents or police, sometimes the boy attacks her with acid or knife endangering her life. So a girl receives all proposals with more a sense of fear than caution and pride. There some decent boys , though not many who are worth marrying . Their proposals are usually rewarded with blows from the girls’ people or police. They are suspended from educational institute if they are students and their jobs are terminated some times if they are employed.
So the solution is to go for arranged marriages with dowries and humiliations
I know in one Software industry the sexual harassment monitoring group advises theirr employees
" If you are a boy you are allowed to propose only once to one girl. If she says no back off. If you are a girl say yes on the first prosal because you will not get asecond chance in this organization

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October 14, 2012 at 2:21 am

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