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Sankranthi Yellamma thota December Holidays

St Anthony’s school used to declare holidays from Dec24th to January 20th every year ,It was the best season . Once the north east Monsoon stopped the Gadda (The stream carrying flash floods would no longer be dangerous and we could go by foot from Dabagardens toYellamma thota We could play cricket or ball badminton and fly kytes in Yellamma thota. We could also cut some small unimportant plants and dry them for Bhogi Manta . We can try the leftover thaaraa juvvalu there. Only chemiti Raani’s Palace was out of bounds for us. WE had one hour let off on yellamma Jaathara day. We chose and spent one ana given by our parents very carefully and wisely. Now there is no Yellamma thota . Children have only movie theatres like Jagadaamba. ther is nothing to buy even with one rupee!. I love my old Visakhapatnam with its dstreches of clean sands in the beaches.

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January 14, 2016 at 4:31 am

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