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Western Indology

Western Indology
Western Indology resulted in on two Theories 1.Aryan Invasion Theory 2. Aryan Migration Theory
1 Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) is based on the assumption that a race from the west of Afganistan called Aryans invaded Indus valley where a race called Dravidians were living and defeated them in wars. Harappa and Mahenjadaro are the fallen cities of Dravidians. Aryans settled In the basin of river Saraswathi and composed Vedas. This theory was disproved later when more of such sights were found in the Sarswathi river basin and no marks of ravaged wars were found .
2. The Aryan Migration Theory (AMT) is based on the wrong translation of Vedic verses. As per the wrong translation (which was later agreed by the translator himself as wrong) the Aryans were living in Afganistan or west of Afganistan and they had children some of whom stayed on there and the others migrated east into Indus Valley. As per the true translation some people were living in Indus valley and they had children. Some children moved west into Afganistan and west of it and others moved east into Punjab (and later to other parts). So this theory was also wrong.
3. The western Indologists also replaced original words in the verses to suit their views .I quote only one important example. Arya Bhattu said From the year of the beginning of (his) Yuga Padam , when the years of 60 are multiplied by 6 , the year in which he was 23 years of age is obtained He used the word ‘Shadbhihi ‘ which is the 3rd vibhakthi and implies ‘by’. Let X be the Year of beginning of his Yuga Pada then
His year of birth is =X + 360 -23 = Y.
As X was not known ( We do not know it even now needs study) it was assumed to be the beginning of Kali yuga
They borrowed the year of beginning of Kali yuga from Tradition as 3102 BCE . So Y = 2765 BCE This year was not acceptable to them. So they changed the original word Shadbhihi by Shashtihi . Shastihi is 1st Vibhakthi .It does not say you have to multiply by 60 or any thing as a matter of fact . But they interpreted it as 60 multiplied by 60.
so now Y became equal to 475 CE .This date was acceptable to them because it is more recent and it allowed them to claim Arya Bhattu gained his astronomical knowledge from non-Indian sources.This is the date we use in all our school books.
There is a problem is choosing the value of X. We can resolve this problem nowadays, using fast computers. X is the time when all the 7 grahas were at First point of Aries ( Mesha) Rahu ( Node of Moon) was lagging by half a cycle and Apogee was leading by quarter cycle.

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